Sites that shine

Clean, functional and current is my main aim from start to finish.

Ones that are striking!

Full of life, colour and great features!

Mobile Responsive

Responsive as standard, accessible no matter what the device.

Quick turn around

Your project it my priority, from start to finish.

What I do?

My work will help you stand out from the crowd. From well designed web pages to enhanced functions that help turn that visit into a real lead.


rontend coding

jQuery, Html 5, CSS, Javascript and php. Some of the magic that goes into making your site perfect.



Well branded using frameworks such as bootstrap to help your site look pixel perfect.


igital Design

Whether it is a social media graphic or a full concept, 100% will go into your design.

WOW your customers

Animations that grab their attention to get them to click on that call to action.


Most of these sites have been created while working for AIMS Media.

Anne Penman Laser Therapy

anne penman

Mister Singhs India

mister singhs india

AIMS Media

aims media

Anne Penman Laser Therapy

I had found the Anne Penman Laser Therapy website and got in touch offering my services. After an initial meeting they agreed for me to redesign and make their site responsive for mobile. The site was completely redesigned and a new fresh look was conceptualised.

In addition to the new look, effect call to actions and a contact form was added for customers to get in touch with Anne to discuss treatments.

Her site has had very positive feedback from customers and seen more leads from customers come through.

I have also been asked to design two more sites for her that will be getting built in the near future.

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anne penman logo

Mister Singhs India

Mister Singh’s India are a close client of AIMS Media. Their existing website was very out of date and was not responsive for mobile internet. This held them back due to changes from google on rankings. A new concept was agreed with them and a fresh new look was designed.

Their site has changed from a traditional style to a new young fresh look. Their site uses large photography to showcase their recently refurbished restaurant.

It was key to the success of the project that new and exciting images were used for the website. They had to reflect the brand of the Singhs through a quality dining experience. I felt that this has helped them greatly and helped them stand out from the crowd.

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mister singhs india logo

AIMS Media

When I joined AIMS Media the website was out of date and a new design had been created, however that was over 2 years ago. Recently we agreed at AIMS Media that the website needed a new look and fresh design. This was at the start of 2016.

The look of the new site is a clean with fresh and bold colours. There is added functionality with the navigation on the site.

The rebranding exercise makes use of advanced custom fields with the wordpress CMS framework. This allowed for information to be presented efficiently and adds infrastructure to the site.

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aims media logo

AFG Flooring

afg scotland

Bella Fresca

bella fresca

Hospital Pipelines

hospital pipelines

AFG Contract Flooring

AFG Contract Flooring required an up to date site with a new look. The site had to be responsive to meet the needs of their customers and with modern browsing habits. The site was also dated and needed a clean fresh look.

The design reflects current AFG Contract Flooring branding and they wanted to maintain a simple layout with corporate feel to reflect their marketplace.

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afg logo

Bella Fresca

Bella Fresca had a very dated site, as part of a review of their operations it was decided that the site was to be updated to meet the needs of their business.

They approached Aims Media to have a complete redesign and to make the site accessible to customers through mobile. The site had to meet the corporate branding of the company and meet the needs of customer enquiries.

The site was actually a personal favourite as the client knew exactly what they wanted and was clear on how they wanted it to look. This meant we were both able to agree a solution that met their needs and fulfilled the expectations of their customer.

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bella logo

Hospital Pipeline Installations

Hospital Pipeline Installations had a dated site that required modernisation. After consulting the client on their needs I devised a concept using a colour scheme to match their branding. I felt a modern look using flat elements as well as colourful photography best reflected their company image.

I wanted to make sure they were happy as they were not sure at all on what they wanted, this meant I had to make sure I made the right choices for their design.

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hpil logo

Pele Hair & Beauty

Pele Hair & Beauty

NB Fitness

NB Fitness

Peter Lawless

peter lawless

Pele Hair & Beauty

Pele Hair & Beauty had a non-responsive site that required a new fresh look. After consulting the client on their needs I devised a concept using a colour scheme to match their branding. They wanted to go for a paint brush effect using effective images that reflected their clientele. Using a clean look that used large white positive space gave the impression of a minimalist look.

The client was very happy with the result, this site also uses an Instagram feed to showcase their customers’ visits, this also helps with their online social media presence.

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NB Fitness

NB Fitness is an online website offering customers fitness guidance. The brief of this site required me to create a site that allowed for memberships to be purchased and for user restricted pages for customers who were a subscriber.

The site uses WordPress and Woo Commerce to work. When a user has subscribed through paypal they are then upgraded to a subscriber status. This allows them to access restricted pages and content.

I wanted this site to be bold, fresh and the client wanted this also. The uses bright orange and black to give an energetic look.

The site has been launched since early 2016 and the customer base has been growing steadily.

This would be one of my favourite sites to work on, it allowed me to push myself and learn more about enhancing the operations of a website. Working on backend development allowed me gain more skills on user management as well as server side activities.

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Peter Lawless

A client of Aims Media required a new site to complement their marketing strategy of a new slick and fresh look. I decided to present them with the concept of a new fresh site that used their main colours but then gave it an up to date look.

Working on the site allowed me to experiment more with design and move away from a style I was used to.

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A Customised CMS

Making use of the flexibility of Wordpress adds value to your site. Multiple layouts, different functions and even eCommerce.
Wordpress is much more than a blogging tool!

Your Website

I aim to offer as much as possible when it comes to your website. These are some of the key components you should expect.

Unique Design

Your website will reflect your business identity & brand

Mobile Responsive

Responsive for mobile web using bootstrap frame work

User Friendly Design

Simple and easy to use websites that do the job

Tailor made CMS

Once you have a site you don't need to spend hours trying to get it work

High quality designs, customised to your needs

Your site is the first thing your customer's see.
Let's turn their visit into successful leads.


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